Riding the fine line


So I imagine if you’re reading this you know me a bit.  I expect that perhaps I should define myself a bit more in detail before my buddies get a hold of this and I get a full on verbal raping (is that PC still?) for reverting back to my college blog.

For those who didn’t know, I had a blog in college.  It did well, and much like every end result to a fraternity boy learning to play the guitar, it produced the women I wanted it to.  I had a friend in college named..well let’s call her Caitlin because that is her name, who wrote religiously in her blog and for the longest time she had tons to write about.  She still does from time to time.  I found however after a time, I didn’t have a damn thing to say.  I was 21, no clue as to what was happening and as for framing my blog around a theme, let’s say that the comparison of beer garden season to winter was just about the worst thing ever written.  You won’t find any of those blogs on here anymore, I’ve done us all a favor and deleted them “tout suite” but the blog did well, and a lot of people seemed to enjoy it.

So back to reasoning, not that I need to, but why am I on this thing again?  Because I can.  And I guess in a small amount of ways to throw back to what I used to do, write.  So let me lay out my credentials a little.  I studied writing for about 4 years, and for a long time wanted to teach it.  And I even got a few scholarships from doing so, but I found that as much as people enjoyed my content it wasn’t for me.

I had a professor who put up with me for quite a while who always told me, “that writing wasn’t so much improved upon by just sitting there and creating fiction, but by adapting non-fiction to create a situation that is so close to reality, a reader has no choice to believe the words are in fact true.”  James is a smart man and in the nicest way possible, told me to get off my ass and live.  And I sadly, ignored that for quite awhile.  So I did the stereotype, with the help of some awesome friends (family.) I moved to hipster regional, Denver.

I guess what I’m saying is that I have something to write about now.  And I’ll leave it up to everyone who wants to read about my days to decide whether or not I’m full of shit.  That and my mom seems to like why I write.  So this is for my family, friends, and acquaintances, who just want to put aside  few minutes and let me say hi.

I just enjoy riding that fine line.

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