Chapter 0 – Revelations and pushing the restart button – sure it could be a sex joke, why not.

It’s been awhile, so I’ll make this part of the story short.
Got in a car accident today.  Nobody got hurt, just never fun.
Good times.  I recommend listening to this ditty if you’re reading.  It’s where I am when I write.

I can sit here and honestly say that I ran out of things to write about and that’s why I haven’t written anything in almost 3 months.  The truth is, after the last post I just didn’t feel like writing.  Scared myself.  I’m an off guy in general, I’d never go so far to delete what I had written, but I came close.  It was something I don’t share often, and I think I freaked some people out.  But what I’ve put on here is nothing but the truth, and I suppose I shouldn’t be afraid of that just cherish that I can stick to my beliefs.  It’s also the reason I’m posting this now, a change.  Each person is dynamic.  Sure no matter how you skew it, the things in the last blog I posted are weird.  But they are mine.  And judgement to pass on me without telling why, not something I would do to anyone.  Maybe you can figure it out by putting together my story.

After, it became the fact that I really didn’t have a direction to go in when it came to this thing.  Sure I can sit here and put down all of my life’s revelations, but frankly there are more people out there with better things to say.  ch860929My personal essay context of current life lessons seemed…well shitty.  I don’t really need a day by day of your lives as much as I enjoy it, but eventually as you’ll see I’m sure my writing will catch up to me.  By that time the story of why I moved to Colorado will be much more interesting and reflected upon.  It’s time away from yourself that feels like it is gifted back later as something completely different and extraordinary.

I DO have things to say.  Too many things, and frankly it becomes too much – I think a lot and can’t really comprehend it all.  Not that I’m all worldly, just a touch of ADHD with a side of hyperactive imagination.
But I figure, the more I put on here; therapeutic or along the lines of a bad-ass fart joke (double the puns), I can build something truly further outside of anything I’ve learned so far.
So this is my last post with this theme – random thought throughout the day that turn into some type of fun story.  I’m not saying they won’t appear here, but they will just  be less common and much more in sync with other things as they become relevant.  Sure I’m in Denver now, but me being any “cooler” or better or more extravagant, that’s not my style – I grew up sword fighting and picking my nose.  Still do.

So what is going to be on here.  I’d like to tell people how I got here.  It’s not a special story, it’s not an important story.  But it’s valuable to me and if I learned anything from these things, maybe it’ll rub off on you and you’ll find something you like.

Lastly, I’ve met an amazing woman.  200_sShe always smiles at me – and I can honestly say it’s all I need.  I’m old enough now to say this shit guys.

-Riding the Fine Line